Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Trenching

Southern Irrigation at Valk Land and Cattle Ltd.

Valk Land and Cattle Ltd. is a family-owned farm of 625 acres that grows durum wheat, barley and specializes in growing yellow mustard.

The Vandervalks are implementing a subsurface drip irrigation system to provide them with higher yields and quality crops.

In our previous video, we showed our installation team plow in the dripline; the next step is to trench in the sub-mains, main-line and flush-lines.


Jason, Install Lead: Once the drip line is in we plow in our sub-mains, main-lines, and flush-lines. We connect the riser tube to its driplines and we install the valve sets for each zone’s flush valves and air vents.

The challenges that we could face along the way include the weather, working outside, working with varying conditions and soils that change from region to region.

Southern Irrigation has years of experience with irrigation systems. It is great to have this knowledge as we approach future challenges and work our way through different situations.

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