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Drip systems provide water savings and healthier plants in your landscaping beds, vegetable garden, container plants and even under your lawn. Traditional sprinkler systems waste water through evaporation and wind creates a potential for over-spray and uneven distribution uniformity. Water on foliage increases pressure for disease and shortens bloom life.

Southern Irrigation can help you design a drip system that will keep your landscape beautiful and healthy all season long.

Introducing Netafim Techline CV

Netafim Techline Dripline

Netafim Techline Dripline


Techline CV has the most technologically advanced emitter available. A 2 psi Check Valve emitter keeps water from draining out of the dripline after zone shut-down. The emitter contains a unique patented physical root barrier that prevents root intrusion without chemical reliance allowing the dripline to be buried. All emitters turn on and off at the same time, maximizing balance of water application. These features deliver more precise watering and make Netafim Techline CV the most advanced dripline available for your landscape.

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  • CV Techline Dripline
    CV Techline Dripline

    World leading, best in class dripline, with post-consumer recycled polyethylene, with most technologically advanced dripper available.

  • Filters

    A full selection of highly efficient disc filters to clean any water source.

  • Electric Valves
    Electric Valves

    Reliable and durable control and master valves.

  • Pressure Regulator
    Pressure Regulator

    Providing constant outlet pressure.

  • Air Vents
    Air Vents

    Air vents allow air to escape from the system to ensure optimal performance.

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