Educating Excellence

SOUTHERN IRRIGATION BELIEVES THAT A BUSINESS WITH A GREAT BRAND AND PREMIUM PRODUCTS WILL NOT SUCCEED IF IT DOES NOT OFFER ITS CUSTOMERS VALUABLE AND EFFICIENT SERVICE. Your Time is Valuable Your time is not free, and we want to respect the time we have with you. For this reason, Southern Irrigation has made it their mission to spend time actively training employees in professional assistance and product knowledge. [...]

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A Fun Little Field Trip

A Fun Little Field Trip Once upon a previous, peaceful Wednesday, a white truck with a familiar blue logo travelled along the side of a mountain. The vehicle seemed to drive down a road almost invisible to the faraway eye. From inside the vehicle, the 3 passengers clutched the safety handles tightly while yelling at the driver to keep his eyes on the road, as it was just as invisible up close. One [...]

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A Job WELL Done!

A Job WELL Done! Here is a fun scenario (based on true events): You wake up from a restful sleep, ready to tackle the day. You have 15 acres of vegetables to plant, and they are not going to plant themselves. You arrive at the site, only to see that your land is ...flooded. "Seems about right," you nod to yourself. "It IS 2020 after all." Fortunately, you have a second parcel of [...]

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