Survive Drought with Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) SAVE $4,000 PER 100 ACRES Order by July 30th for a FREE Custom SDI Design Book Discovery Call Many businesses in the prairies rely heavily on rain and melting snow for their water supply. But right now, Alberta and Saskatchewan are facing record-low precipitation. The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have struggled with droughts and water shortages for the last three years, and [...]

S4 Greenhouses 2021 Irrigation Expansion Project

Background S4 Greenhouse Ltd.’s original greenhouse was built in 1986 in Lacombe, Alberta. After the original owners retired, the business was sold to newcomers Albert and Kim Schermers, in 2014. They expanded their operation with a new tomato greenhouse in 2021, and currently, they grow tomatoes year-round and peppers, beans, lettuce, and cucumbers seasonally. Irrigation Installation Challenges For the new 2021 project, the Schermers were looking for an intelligent [...]

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The Leaf Ninjas – Restoring Ecology with Solar Drip Irrigation

As irrigation leaders in Western Canada, we have helped many different customers meet their business goals. Southern Irrigation has the opportunity to provide efficient water systems to a wide range of customers, from high-label vineyards and greenhouses to small family-owned farms and gardens, each dedicated to growing the best crop possible. THE LEAF NINJAS Restoring landscapes to a biodiverse paradise One customer, The Leaf Ninjas, caught our attention as their [...]

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Improve Hemp and CBD Quality with Drip Irrigation

Growing Hemp Common Uses of Hemp and Cannabinoids (CBD) Hemp has been harvested for industrial purposes in Canada since 1998, as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and other harmful materials. Its seeds and fibres have been harvested for textiles, paper, building materials, particleboard, compost, hemp oil, hemp flour and much more. Drip irrigation keeps plant foliage completely dry, reducing disease. More recently, Canada has opened its [...]

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