Did you know? We can either provide you with a quote based on your take-off, or we can take care of doing the take-off for you! We do products takeoffs on storm, sanitary and municipal water systems. Call or email today to see what we can offer for you!

Southern Irrigation stocks and supplies every quality product you need to complete your civil project, including ductile iron fittings and gate valves, fire hydrants, philmac and brass fittings, PVC conduit, backflow preventers and municipal water service.

Waterworks take-off
  • Gate valves and Hydrants
    Gate valves and Hydrants

    Municipal grade Gate valves and Hydrants for every project.

  • Ductile/PVC watermain fittings
    Ductile/PVC watermain fittings

    Ductile iron Push-on, Mechanical joint and flanged fittings stocked and ready to ship. C900 CIOD PVC fittings available on request

  • Brass Compression fittings, curb stops, main stops and meter setters
    Brass Compression fittings, curb stops, main stops and meter setters

    Brass compression adapters, valves and meter setters to meet most municipality specifications

  • PVC Storm and Sanitary pipe and fittings
    PVC Storm and Sanitary pipe and fittings

    From SDR 35 sanitary and storm pipe, to Ultra Rib or Korflo pipe for large mains we can supply all your storm and sanitary supplies.

  • C900 and Ductile Watermain
    C900 and Ductile Watermain

    Whether you are working on municipal roadway or private land we have the watermain pipe for you.

  • Stormwater detention / retention systems
    Stormwater detention / retention systems

    If your project includes stormwater retention or detention we have the solution for you.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are used for shut-off points in watermains, typically by tees or hydrants. They have a 2″ operating nut on the top of the valve to open and close the valve.

Our ductile iron gate valves lead in the design and technical development of the bubble-tight resilient seating valve. It’s electro-plated nuts and bolts and epoxy coating helps resist corrosion on the inside and outside.


Each city and municipality will have its own specifications on fire hydrants, most commonly in different colours.

Our hydrants are fully serviceable from above ground, are self-draining, non-freezing, and are constructed of brass and iron.

PVC Conduit

Southern Irrigation carries PVC electrical conduit and duct piping including Rigid Electrical Conduit (RPVC), DB2 Hydro Duct, and Teleduct.

RPVC is a schedule 40 PVC that conforms to IPS outside diameters.

DB2 Hydro Duct and Teleduct have an outside diameter that is compatible with PVC drain fittings.


We carry Philmac (plastic) fittings, brass municipal fittings, and ductile iron fittings.

This includes tees, couplings, flush caps, elbows, male and female adapters, corp stops, curb stops, and more.

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