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Dust Suppression Sprinklers


Settling dust is necessary for feedlots and industrial sites such as quarries, construction sites, coal mines, and haul roads. Our large sprinklers are built to endure corrosive environments and can provide optimal coverage; with enough height to clear coal piles.

Nelson Big Gun Sprinkler 150 Series


Nelson Big Gun sprinklers provide rugged durability in dirty and corrosive conditions with large nozzles that are less likely to plug. These sprinklers also come in a great range of pressure, flow rates, trajectories, and connections.

Sprinkler Solutions

Twig Wireless Control System

Twig Wireless Control Systems turn valves on and off in the most simple and reliable way possible. It allows you to put the right amount of water where you need it most while reducing labour requirements, unnecessary features, and troublesome wires.

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Control Valves

The Nelson control valves are designed to handle tough agriculture environments while simplifying installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

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