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Southern Irrigation (BC) now can provide you with pivots and laterals. These products are built to last a lifetime and are equipped with advanced technology to save labour and increase the value of your field.

Centre Pivots

Zimmatic pivots are made with precision with each component is carefully designed to run trouble-free for years to come. Technologically advanced Zimmatic control panels that can also be added to any brand of centre pivots.

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Zimmatic Lateral Move Irrigation

Lateral Move Irrigation

Zimmatic laterals are similar to centre pivots, except both ends of the machine move at a constant speed.
Lateral move irrigation systems cover 98% of a square or rectangular field with a uniform sprinkler pattern, saving you water and increasing your yields.

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Zimmatic Control Panels

Advanced controllers with unparalleled ease of use.
Because every grower’s situation is different.

That’s why we offer a range of advanced Zimmatic controllers, all FieldNET-ready and
prepared to go to work in your field. Each offers the ability to take complete command of pivot irrigation operations.
It’s advanced technology that’s easy to use. All panels are packed with new built-in features including pressure shutdown alert, pressure restart, and more.

Compatible with FieldNET

Remotely manage your irrigation system from anywhere.

View and control your irrigation systems from the palm of your hand with our remote irrigation management and scheduling technology. FieldNET helps you spend less time and money in the field by gaining greater control and visibility out of it. FieldNET Advisor can also provide daily recommendations to help meet your field’s changing needs.

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