Save time, money and improve the health of your livestock with efficiently designed water systems.


Healthier cattle with dust control + cooling methods

High temperatures and low humidity can fill feedlots with harmful manure dust. Dust can be controlled by watering down debris with large sprinklers. Cooling is also a major benefit of feedlot irrigation as livestock cooling increases feed consumption and reduces overheating.

Permanent solid set Big Gun Sprinkler systems are the perfect way to control feedlot dust and keep feedlots cool year-round.

Twig Wireless Control Systems turn valves on and off in the most simple and reliable way possible, putting the right amount of water where you need it most.

Serfas Farms Enchant Feedlot

Serfas Farms’ 40,000 head Feedlot Project

Download the case study for our work at the Serfas Farms’ Enchant Feedlot and a testimonial from Kevin Serfas.



Maintain dugout ecosystem
+ efficiency

Aeration Treatment

Your water is healthier with aeration, as it introduces more oxygen into the water enabling good bacteria to break down organic matter + algae, leaving waterbowls cleaner and more appealing to the cattle.

Intake Screen

This improves the water quality and prevents fish and debris from clogging the pump intake, eliminating the downtime on pumps due to plugging and burning out.

Mitigate Water Run-off

Feedlot runoff needs to be dealt with, and it can contain a vast array of nutrients which are beneficial for crop production. We can take care of run-off in a few different ways. We can retrofit an existing pivot with valves and Nelson big guns to utilize and distribute this runoff water.  By using a screen and pump system we can filter the water to a usable point so that the pivot can be the distributor. The second option would be using an Ocmis reel. These would be systems that are sized based on your needs.


Complete pumping design + systems

We have a variety of pump options available.Once we know the flow rates and the water pressures that are available, we recommend the appropriate pump sizes. Our pump unit options include:


Improve cattle health + efficiencies

Injured cattle and surgeries are a reality in feedlots, with wounds that need to be flushed with clean water. Using a water treatment system for clean/potable water ensures you are not reinfecting the cattle or introducing new bacteria to open wounds or incisions.

Filtration can alleviate a lot of stress on sand filters and softeners by reducing the number of contaminants entering the systems.  This gives a longer life to the media and valves of these systems.

We can provide the following:

  • Filters – sand, carbon, disc
  • Softeners
  • RO, UV + ozone systems


Efficiently designed water movement

We can provide you with the following:


37 years of water solutions for industry-leading growers, businesses and municipal water systems in the true north. Certified experts in feedlot water solution design, installation and ongoing maintenance. Southern Irrigation provides first-class quality and service — every time.

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