PIVOT IRRIGATION PROJECT FOSSEN AIR LTD. BAR 7 RANCH Bar 7 Ranch, recipient of BC's 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award, has worked with Southern Irrigation to upgrade their yields and save labour with Lindsay Zimmatic Pivots. Transcript “My name is Doug Fossen, and our ranch name is Fossen Bar 7 Ranch. We’ve ranched here in Rock creek with my wife, three girls, and my mom and dad. We have a cattle [...]

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SUBSURFACE DRIP IRRIGATION PROJECT VALK LAND AND CATTLE LTD. Valk Land and Cattle have worked with Southern Irrigation to implement a 625-acre subsurface drip irrigation system, the largest in Canada. The system was ready in 2021, during Alberta's hottest year in history. Transcript"I'm Lawrence Vandervalk; I represent Valk Land and Cattle, co-owners with my wife, Sherry.I would recommend SDI to anyone who was interested in the future of irrigation. Our project was [...]

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S4 Greenhouses 2021 Irrigation Expansion Project

Background S4 Greenhouse Ltd.’s original greenhouse was built in 1986 in Lacombe, Alberta. After the original owners retired, the business was sold to newcomers Albert and Kim Schermers, in 2014. They expanded their operation with a new tomato greenhouse in 2021, and currently, they grow tomatoes year-round and peppers, beans, lettuce, and cucumbers seasonally. Irrigation Installation Challenges For the new 2021 project, the Schermers were looking for an intelligent [...]

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The Leaf Ninjas – Restoring Ecology with Solar Drip Irrigation

As irrigation leaders in Western Canada, we have helped many different customers meet their business goals. Southern Irrigation has the opportunity to provide efficient water systems to a wide range of customers, from high-label vineyards and greenhouses to small family-owned farms and gardens, each dedicated to growing the best crop possible. THE LEAF NINJAS Restoring landscapes to a biodiverse paradise One customer, The Leaf Ninjas, caught our attention as their [...]

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A Job WELL Done!

A Job WELL Done! Here is a fun scenario (based on true events): You wake up from a restful sleep, ready to tackle the day. You have 15 acres of vegetables to plant, and they are not going to plant themselves. You arrive at the site, only to see that your land is ...flooded. "Seems about right," you nod to yourself. "It IS 2020 after all." Fortunately, you have a second parcel of [...]

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