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Southern Irrigation is Canada’s leader in irrigation solutions and can design, supply and install the perfect system for your specific needs. Our in-house designers will be happy to assist you with an irrigation system design, complete with complex AutoCAD drawings.

Our expertise includes precise drip irrigation systems for both surface and subsurface applications, and sprinkler systems such as centre pivot and lateral move irrigation, irrigation reels, and solid set sprinkler systems.


Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your crops, whether it’s for row crops, greenhouses, nurseries, vineyards or orchards. We can quickly and easily help you design a drip or micro-irrigation system that will increase your yield and crop quality while saving you both time and labour.

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Subsurface drip irrigation is a variation on traditional drip irrigation where the dripline (tubing and drippers) is buried beneath the soil surface. It is the most precise and efficient method of irrigation for row crops with a 98%+ application rate.

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Our durable Zimmatic centre pivots and laterals are enhanced with advanced technology to save you time and to maximize the value of your field. Let us design a custom pivot perfect for you.

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An irrigation reel is a very versatile sprinkler irrigation solution with low labour requirements. Our Ocmis and Microrain irrigation reels come in many different sizes.

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Southern Irrigation carries sprinklers such as Nelson rotators, Rivulis, and Maxijet for full coverage and uniformity. Contact our qualified staff and design a system that works for you.

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