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“…We had Southern Irrigation install our system. We walked into their office one day and asked if they had anything to do with drip. They informed me that they did, and the rest is history. Southern Irrigation was great; they gave me lots of support. I really appreciated our 6:30 Monday morning meetings out in the field. The people, their work ethic, hands down, bar none, number 1.

~ Lawrence Vandervalk, co-owner of Valk Land and Cattle Ltd.

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“The installation on our centre pivots has gone really well with Southern Irrigation. We’ve been treated like family. We have great relationships with salespeople and people involved in the business and feel we get a good value on our products.

We don’t have any trouble recommending them as a business other ranchers should deal with.”

~ Doug Fossen, Fossen Air Ltd. Bar 7 Ranch

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“With my Ocmis reel, I am able to irrigate all of my pasture in half the time it would have taken me with my old wheel lines!”

~ Jerry Baran, Baran Farms

pure sunfarms

puresun farms


“The infrastructure that Southern Irrigation installed for our drip system at Pure Sunfarms has been entirely reliable and durable, from both a maintenance and cultivation perspective. The entire design and installation process, from start to finish, was seamless and collaborative and resulted in a complex system that meets every need of our large-scale, high-tech facility and the crops that we produce – getting them exactly what they need when they need it.

Southern Irrigation has been a commendable partner with excellent customer service, going above and beyond to make themselves available to us throughout the entire process. Despite the changing design requirements of our system as the project unfolded, they proved themselves to be entirely adaptable and flexible to our needs and were nevertheless able to deliver the project on-time, exceeding our expectations.

At Pure Sunfarms, a licensed producer of high-quality, BC-grown cannabis, we operate a high-tech greenhouse, the scale of which required a dependable and equipped partner for this project. Southern Irrigation rose to the occasion with their impressive knowledge of irrigation systems and greenhouse watering infrastructure, and praise-worthy customer service – we would 100% recommend their services and work with them again.”


“The quote was presented very clearly and very thoroughly. We knew Southern Irrigation understood exactly what we wanted and needed the system to achieve. We knew we could count on them since their turn-key system is their brand. We know that if something were not functioning properly, Southern Irrigation would make sure to fix the issue.”

~Albert and Kim Schermers, owners of S4 Greenhouses

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“We have always used drip systems; it benefits our crops in different ways, but most of all it is the environmental standpoint that there is minimal evaporation and waste.

Southern Irrigation has a great team that have come together to handle our individual needs as a client, multiple farm locations, logistics, ease of service and just a great team.

We would suggest other growers to use Southern Irrigation in a heartbeat. Between the technical expertise and problem solving, this year we have been extremely pleased with the improvements we have seen as a company in 2020 versus 2019.”

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TinHorn Creek


“We have implemented drip at TCV vineyards over a number of years, there was an immediate impact on fruit quality and cost savings. Fruit quality increased dramatically with a 30% increase in anthocyanins and a greater skin-to-pulp ratio. As the bunches stayed dry during the season, the impact of the drip on the reduction in disease and rot is amazing. Huge cost reductions in pesticides and hydro… and we nearly had to retire the mower.

The technical support and delivery of the final product have been excellent. Southern irrigation offers Innovative products and has everything you need to maintain or construct a world-class system. Tinhorn Creek has used Southern irrigation and the friendly staff for everything from irrigation design, system mapping, and maintenance advice to consumable parts.

We would definitely recommend Southern Irrigation to anyone who wants to be smart about their irrigation projects.”

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