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Do you experience the following water issues?

  • Stubborn stains
  • Cloudy dishes
  • Dry/itchy skin and dull hair
  • Faucets covered in white crust
  • Clogged pipes
  • Tiles and tubs won’t rinse clean
  • Yellow clothing
  • Soap doesn’t lather
  • Towels are scratchy and hard

Let us help you improve the quality of your water!

water treatment

We can help you obtain a water sample, analyze the results, and design a treatment system to meet your water’s requirements. We offer great products such as water softeners, reverse osmosis, and ultra-violet systems, and we design municipal water treatment systems. Southern Irrigation has the expertise and products you need for clean, healthy water.

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North Star Water Treatment Systems

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Northstar softener residential

We can do any series of filters in a row to support your flow needs.

If you’re dealing with hard water and its associated problems, a water softener can help.
North Star Softeners reduce calcium, magnesium, and other metals in hard water.

Here are some reasons why you should choose North Star:

  • Easy to Install: DIY it with simple household tools and basic handyman skills and enjoy soft water quickly.
  • Low Maintenance:  spend more time doing the things you love and less worrying about your water softener.
  • Warranty Protection: know that your investment is protected.
  • High-Quality, US-based Manufacturing: built to last and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials. 
  • Unparalleled Support: Southern Irrigation and North Star offer outstanding support.
  • High-efficient Technology: advanced and efficient to meet the needs of today’s households.
  • Flow rate: they are available for any flow rate.
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Media Filters

Media filters are a popular and effective method for treating water. Different types of media filters can remove a variety of contaminants from water. Some of the most commonly used media filters include:

  • Greensand: Removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide from the water. Made from mineral glauconite
  • Nextsand: Removes iron and manganese. Made of ceramic coated with silver nanoparticles
  • Katalox: Removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. Blend of natural iron-bearing minerals
  • Calcite: Raises the pH of acidic water and neutralizes heavy metals. Made of calcium carbonate
  • Birm: Removes iron and manganese. Made of a mixture of iron and aluminum silicates

These filters also include automatic backwashing to maintain media life.

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Canister Filters

Canister filters are a popular and efficient method for water treatment, and different types of canister filters can remove certain contaminants.
These filters include:

  • Sediment filters: Remove large particles
  • Activated carbon filters: Remove impurities and improve taste/odour
  • Multi-stage filters: Combine multiple filters for added protection

Replacement cartridges are available instore.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these filters can vary depending on the specific water chemistry, flow rate, and other factors.
Consultation with a professional is recommended for any specific water treatment needs.


WOW RO system

WOW Reverse Osmosis

The WOW Reverse Osmosis System is a great solution for providing high-quality purified water.

Here’s what makes it special:

  • Easy to install: Designed for easy installation, you can have it up and running quickly.
  • Space-saving: Its compact size and patented water-on-water™ tank design take up less space in your home or business with its under-sink system.
  • Constant flow: Provides a constant flow of purified water.
  • Reliable: Its manifold design and CPU valve with only one moving part ensure reliability.
  • Environmentally friendly: Uses up to 500% less waste water than other systems.
  • Leak detection: Built-in leak detection and shut-off system for added peace of mind.
  • Low pressure: Can operate as low as 20 psi.
  • Perfect for any household or small business: It’s a dependable and efficient water filtration solution that can meet any needs.
Ultra RO System water treatment

Ultra Reverse Osmosis

Ultra-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are the perfect solution for your water treatment needs. Available in sizes from 2,600 to 5,200 gallons per day, these systems are designed to handle municipal and well water, making them a versatile option for any household or small business.

The systems are energy efficient and low-maintenance, with high rejection and flow rates for optimal performance. Equipped with advanced features such as Ultra Low Energy Membranes, Franklin BT4 Series Multi-Stage Pumps and Motor Thermal Overload Protection, these systems are designed to provide safe and clean water.

They also come with iControls™ system controller for precise control of auto-flush options, operation indication, pre-treatment and storage tank status.


Eliminate Bacteria with UV Systems

UV light systems provide an extra layer of protection for your water treatment by eliminating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms with ultraviolet light.

These systems are chemical-free, easy to install and maintain and have low operational costs. They also prevent biofilm buildup in pipes, protecting both the water and the longevity of the plumbing.

Invest in an ultraviolet disinfection system for safe, clean water.