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In the past, if you wanted to grow more you would need more land. With our precise drip irrigation systems, you can grow more by utilizing less, and at the same time-saving water and fertilizer, being sustainable and having a less negative impact. Our drip systems deliver the precise amount of water and nutrients to the plant’s root zone so you can grow better, bigger yields with fewer resources. (See also “Subsurface drip irrigation“).


If you don’t have the infrastructure or the crop suitable for drip irrigation, an Ocmis Irrigation Reel is the next best irrigation solution.  Ocmis is the market leader in the USA and Europe and produces more than 3500 units per year.

These irrigation hose reels feature a new and improved VARIORAIN™ variable speed transmission, a fully galvanized reel frame, flotation tires, and numerous other options. With hose lengths from 700ft up to 2600ft, we can provide a hose reel for all your sprinkler needs.


Perfect for small pastures, vegetable market gardens and sports fields, the Microrain line of reels is a compact version of the larger Ocmis reels. These quality-built machines are also effective at dust control for horse arenas and gravel mines.


Sprinklers are typically used for germination, frost protection, and for irrigating tender crops that can not be irrigated using irrigation reels. Each sprinkler has its own flow, wetting diameter, spray radius, spray patterns, and trajectory. Let one of our knowledgeable irrigation designers specify what sprinkler will work best for your crop.

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We also carry other products such as industrial garden hoses for your vegetable gardens.


Find the products you need to grow more efficiently.

irrigation systems infographic, drip irrigation, ranch systems, ocmis reel, filters, sprinklers
  • Sprinklers

    We carry quality sprinklers for various applications - open field, greenhouses, landscape, etc. Let us find the most intelligent sprinkler irrigation solution that works for you!

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  • Pumps

    Our certified staff can help you with any pumping project; whether you are irrigating, dewatering, pumping sewage, or need a domestic water service.

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  • Filtration

    From manual disc filters to large automatic filters, Netafim’s advanced technologies will add years of performance to the life of your irrigation system.

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  • Fertigation

    Lower your fertilizers’ costs and get better and higher yields with our advanced fertigation solutions.

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  • Flexible and PE Pipe
    Flexible and PE Pipe

    Our pipe is produced from the best raw materials, complying with the highest standards - creating reliable, smooth irrigation for your field.

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  • Dripline and Connectors
    Dripline and Connectors

    Emitters pre-installed into the drip hose provide very even amounts of water to your crop.  There are many different flow rates and dripper spacings to choose from, and finding the right dripline for your specific application is key.

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  • Valves

    We carry a wide variety of valves each with a choice of control functions and connections. We carry float valves, electric valves, coupling valves, pressure compensating valves etc.

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  • Hose Reel
    Hose Reel

    Our line of high quality irrigation reels are manufactured in Italy by world market leader, Ocmis Irrigation. Ocmis is dedicated to quality and is known for their cutting edge research.

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  • Digital Farming
    Digital Farming

    You can now easily monitor, analyze and automate your irrigation from wherever you are using controllers such as our Ranch Telemetry System!

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Find the products you need to grow more efficiently.

irrigation systems infographic, drip irrigation, ranch systems, ocmis reel, filters, sprinklers