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Excellence in Greenhouse and Nursery Irrigation

At Southern Irrigation, we specialize in greenhouse and nursery irrigation systems that will allow you to minimize, or completely eliminate labor costs. Our expertise can offer you increased efficiency, higher production and improved quality.

Our designers are happy to visit your site to discuss your specific needs, and provide suggestions that make sense for your greenhouse or nursery.

Whether you need pressure compensating drippers, spray stakes, micro sprinklers, fertilizer injectors, pumps units, or a fully installed, turnkey irrigation system – we can help!

  • drip irrigation drippers on peppers in greenhouse
  • irrigation pump unit with filters in greenhouse
  • greenhouse irrigation tanks
  • greenhouse gerberas
  • cannabis greenhouse
  • manifold pump in container for greenhouse
  • spray stakes irrigating in nursery
  • trees in nursery irrigation sprinklers
  • large pump unit for greenhouse irrigation filtration
  • peppers grown in irrigated greenhouse
  • greenhouse manifold for irrigation
  • irrigated greenhouse of peppers
  • pumps and water treatment
  • greenhouse 3D drawing of pump autoCAD

Intelligent Water Solutions

Find the products you need to grow more efficiently.

  • Fertigation

    Our fertigation units will ensure that your system will receive the correct amounts of fertilizer and nutrients required.

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  • Water Meter
    Water Meter

    Our water meters allow you to record your water usage and troubleshoot problems happening downstream.

  • PRV

    Pressure Regulating Valves control the water pressure in your irrigation system for optimal performance.

  • Filters

    Every system must have a filter. The purpose of a filter is to take out debris and particulate that may plug up your sprinkler or emitter.

  • Pump

    It is important to make sure your pump is sized correct and can provide the amount of water and pressure the system requires.

  • Tank

    Water storage tanks come in vast range of capacities, and are available in both polyethylene, and corrugated steel. They are used to store domestic water, well water, rain water, fresh water or recycled water.

Intelligent Water Solutions

Find the products you need to grow more efficiently.

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