Increase Farm Revenue with Unused Land

Farmers are choosing to increase the value of their assets by eliminating idle land. Irrigation allows for more crop versatility and higher yields as it grants the ability to hedge against the weather. It allows the grower to avoid the negative effects of dry years, spotty moisture patterns and removes the waiting period for moisture to begin the growing season. Mechanical move irrigation, such as a centre pivot, has been at the leading edge of farming technology; it is a great management tool for increasing efficiency so growers can stay competitive. 

Dee River Ranch saw a 79 bushel/acre increase and an additional $553 additional revenue per acre

What is a Centre Pivot?

A centre pivot is a mechanized sprinkler system that irrigates crops in a circular pattern around a pivot point. A span of pipe is supported on an A-frame with wheels and the pipe transports water to attached sprinklers.

Pivots are capable of applying water, fertilizer, chemicals, and herbicides over large areas of land to increase yields while saving time and costs. 

Zimmatic pivots, created by Lindsay Corporation, continue to be the leading brand of pivots and laterals as they deliver the most durable and technologically advanced solutions for your field.

Proven ROI with Zimmatic Pivot Sprinklers

10,000 acre Dee River Ranch in Aliceville, Alabama, owned by Annie Dee, Mike Dee and their 10 brothers and sisters, implemented seven Zimmatic centre pivots with control panels fitted with FieldNET advisor.

Before irrigation, their average dryland corn yield was 103 bushels/acre, while after installing a Zimmatic pivot sprinkler system the average corn yield increased by 77% to 182 bushels/acre.

This meant a 79 bushel/acre increase and an additional $553 additional revenue per acre. Originally their projected payback period was 5 years, but with the improved yields and other efficiencies they found, they moved that up to a two-year plan by ordering 11 additional Zimmatic pivots for the following spring.

Download full case study here.

A Pivot Structure Made to Last a Lifetime

Zimmatic pivots are made with precision; each component is carefully designed to run trouble-free for years to come. This attention to quality even allows old pivots to be updated with advanced add-ons and run like new, as the most important part of a pivot is its enduring, modular and galvanized structure. This enduring quality propels Zimmatic pivots ahead of their competition.

Pivot components


Zimmatic Pivot POint

A. Heavy-duty pivot point
Hot dipped galvanized steel legs and four heavy-duty cross-members form a sturdy foundation for even the longest of systems.


Zimmatic Uni-knuckle

B. Exclusive uni-knuckle
This is unique to  Zimmatic pivots and offers full support and stress-free flexibility. The connection provides 360° support in the wind and rolling terrain.

Competitor’s pivots use either a hook and eye connection or a ball-mount design. Both are inferior as span movement can distort alignment and can cause them to unhitch in aggressive terrain. The single bolt attaching the ball mount can also wear and fail.

Zimmatic Split Coupler

C. Exclusive split coupler
This provides a high-strength span pipe connection. A coupler encloses an inner boot to ensure a watertight connection, resisting degradation from the elements and eliminating the risk of the boot collapsing.

Competitor’s pivots have the rubber boot exposed to the elements, allowing premature wear and the risk of the boot collapsing, restricting the water flow.

Zimmatic pipe options

D. Pipe options
The standard 11-gauge pipe is the thickest on the market for enhanced durability. Southern Irrigation can help select the right pipe – poly-lined, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum – to manage corrosive water challenges. Corrosion of irrigation pipes can come from the oxygen contained in water, as well as from poor water quality from hydrogen sulphide, low PH, low alkalinity, wastewater as a source, or from adding crop chemicals to water.

The solution for growers who irrigated in corrosive water environments is Zimmatic polyethylene-lined pipe for center pivot irrigation systems, or “poly pipe”. Driven by customer-first innovation, this pipe has been developed with grower feedback to perform in even the most demanding environments. The poly flange is recessed which allows for positive steel flange contact. No gap between joint flanges results in improved strength and span consistency. This new manufacturing process increases friction between the poly liner and the steel pipeline, reducing lateral movement from temperature fluctuation.
Less stress, less corrosion = a longer leak-free lifespan.

Zimmatic formed outlets

E. Formed outlets
Zimmatic uses formed outlets with tapered threads as part of the pipeline to ensure greater uniformity, and strong, leak-free sprinkler connections. The tapered outlet threads with tapered sprinkler threads provide greater pull and torque strength.

Popular competing pivots use welded outlets with straight threads which are susceptible to manufacturing error, leaks and failure. Tapered sprinkler threads paired with straight outlet threads provide a weaker connection also prone to leakage.

Zimmatic pivot span

F. Optimized span design
Zimmatic spans are manufactured with strong alloy steel for increased durability while reducing weight. Spans also have the flexibility to be customized to different heights, managing even the tallest of crops.

Zimmatic truss rods and trusses

G. Truss rods and trusses
The exclusive “V-Jack” design from Zimmatic distributes the weight of the span evenly for superior support. The modular trussing design eliminates the need for multiple unique angles.

The pipeline on competing pivots contains several gussets due to uneven truss loads, creating additional possible failure points. These are not modular, with multiple unique truss angles, resulting in a less efficient design.

Zimmatic tower structure

H. Tower structure
Zimmatic pivots have crossed stabilizer angles on each span with the next tower, absorbing torsional stress. The tower braces are attached to the trusses for even load distribution. The legs on a Zimmatic pivot are stronger and heavier, made with 4” x 3” x ¼” high tensile strength angle iron, and with a wider leg design for greater stability.

The tower legs on a competing pivot are light-duty (3”x3”x1/4”) with a narrower separation which disperses the load to a smaller portion of the pipeline. The tower braces attach to the pipeline, applying significant force to a small area.

Zimmatic centre drive

I. Centre drive
The fastest standard center drive completes a quarter-mile circle in less than 13 hours; 25% faster than a competing pivot, saving time and electricity. Built for maximum durability, the Zimmatic Center Drive has been field-proven for more than 25 years.

Zimmatic AT Gearbbox
Zimmatic gearbox

J. Zimmatic AT GEARBOX
Zimmatic’s AT gearbox is designed by Lindsay engineers for the future of centre pivot irrigation, according to Lindsay.

“One of our primary objectives is staying at the forefront of research and development in this industry. By design, Zimmatic products promote the conservation of water resources and the reduced usage of energy resources, which provides growers with increased return on investment. This gearbox is the most recent addition to our lineup of durable and efficient products,” says Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic product manager.

It’s packed with the following features to keep it running trouble-free for years to come:

  • The industry’s largest expansion chamber which reduces pressure and temperature.
  • An innovative diaphragm design which keeps internal components lubricated.
  • A shorter output shaft to extend bearing life.
  • Universal mounting patterns to fit almost any pivot.
  • External bell-housing gussets which provide greater strength.
  • Cartridge input and output shaft seals for extra protection from dirt and moisture.
  • Two large input bearings which increase load capacity by 55%.
  • Hot-forged 1045 steel worm gear with thicker teeth for extra strength.
  • An easy-fill design that allows easy, routine maintenance without opening the expansion chamber.
  • Flanged bolts that stay tight even under the roughest conditions.
Bias-ply tires
Zimmatic NFTrax 2.0
Zimmatic Radial Tires
Zimmatic 3 or 4 wheel tracking

K. Tracking Solutions
Zimmatic offers multiple tracking options to match the needs of a variety of field conditions.

  • Bias-ply Tires: Field tested and proven, Zimmatic’s traditional bias-ply tires are the most cost-effective choice without sacrificing quality. Available in popular sizes, such as 14.9 x 24. 
  • NFTrax 2.0: Built with maximum flexibility, Zimmatic’s patented NFTrax is an airless wheel design that improves traction, decreases wheel rutting, and adapts to terrain and field conditions—saving time, labour and replacement costs.
  • Radial Tires: The construction of Zimmatic’s radial tire construction lessens severe wheel tracking and compaction beneath sprinklers while reducing overall wear and tear. By reducing flats in the field, the rugged radial tire design cuts maintenance costs.
  • Three-wheel & Four-wheel tracking: Ideal for a variety of crops in marshy areas or heavy soils, Zimmatic’s three and four-wheel tower structures add power to increase traction, prevent rutting and reduce the wear and tear of the equipment.


L. Compatible Sprinkler Options
The best sprinkler for your Zimmatic pivot is the Nelson Rotator. The R3000 and R3030 sprinklers produce a wider pattern resulting in a lower application rate, reduced runoff and a longer soak time. The Rotator greatly improves uniformity because of the increased overlap from adjacent sprinklers, and it meets the challenge of putting a rotating sprinkler on drop tubes to minimize wind drift and evaporative loss.

Technologically Advanced Add-Ons to Save Time and Increase Yields

Zimmatic pivots are known for both their ability to last decades and their leading role in pivot technology. Get the most out of your field with advanced Zimmatic controllers ready with FieldNET advisor. This technology is easy to use and helps you gain complete command of your pivot irrigation operation saving you time while increasing the quality of your crops – and your bottom line.

1. Zimmatic Control Panels
Industry-leading technology with unparalleled ease of use, and able to be fitted to any brand of pivot. They have everything for the grower who is ready to take complete control of their irrigation and get the most out of their fields. These control panels include built-in features such as pressure shutdown alerts, pressure restart, and are available with FieldNET advisor for irrigation scheduling, analytics and optimization.

View the Zimmatic’s control panels

2. FieldNET
FieldNET advisor allows you to schedule, analyze and optimize your irrigation systems from your computer, phone or tablet. Track data from your field, create custom reports and get recommendations with a user-friendly interface to help make more sustainable and profitable decisions. FieldNET can tell you what you need to irrigate today using the weather, soil, and seed information given by connected soil probes and thermometers. FieldNET is also ready with GPS positioning to remotely automate stops, easy pump start and provide advanced end gun control.

View FieldNET Brochure

3. Precision VRI
Conserve water and increase yields with Precision VRI,  a control panel that works on any brand of centre pivot or lateral system. Precision VRI helps growers provide the precise amount of water or chemicals needed to each field area and crop type for powerful, proven results. Enjoy an easy-to-use system that can change application depth for different crops, planting dates, terrains, or soil types while decreasing power consumption, track maintenance, overwatering, runoff, nutrient leaching, and fertigation costs.

Watch this video to learn more about Precision VRI

Talk to one of our Zimmatic pivot designers today and increase the value of your field.


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