Improve Hemp and CBD Quality with Drip Irrigation

Growing Hemp Common Uses of Hemp and Cannabinoids (CBD) Hemp has been harvested for industrial purposes in Canada since 1998, as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and other harmful materials. Its seeds and fibres have been harvested for textiles, paper, building materials, particleboard, compost, hemp oil, hemp flour and much more. Drip irrigation keeps plant foliage completely dry, reducing disease. More recently, Canada has opened its [...]

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Southern Irrigation & Zimmatic pivots

Southern Irrigation Grows By Acquiring Two New Locations Specializing in Zimmatic Pivot Sprinklers Chilliwack, BC, January 18, 2021 Southern Irrigation, Canada’s leading provider of intelligent water solutions, continues its goal of helping more agricultural growers succeed. The company has completed its acquisition of Highlands Irrigation, a key pivot sprinkler irrigation provider in Western Canada.    This strategic acquisition will allow Southern Irrigation to provide their customers with market-leading pivot sprinklers from Lindsay [...]

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