Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Planning and Design

Southern Irrigation at Valk Land and Cattle Ltd.

Valk Land and Cattle Ltd. is a family-owned farm that grows durum wheat, barley and specializes in growing yellow mustard.

See the different aspects they need to consider when implementing a subsurface drip irrigation system for their 625-acre farm.


Lawrence: I am Lawrence Vandervalk from Valk Land and Cattle. Barley is one of our major crops in this district and our specialty crop is yellow mustard. We feel that subsurface drip is something that is going to become mainstream.

Marc: We’ve been doing this for about 6-7 years and we’ve learned a lot during this time. Southern Irrigation has pioneered subsurface drip irrigation in Canada.

Subsurface drip irrigation is a variation of traditional drip irrigation. The water is directly applied to the root zone, under the ground, making it the perfect way to apply water and nutrients to the crops.

To design a system that will be the most efficient and the best system for that project, we look at the needs of the customer and we use all that information. For example, we look at what water is available to them, the lay of the land, the shape of the land, the elevation of the land.

We have very high standards and our commitment to our customers is from start to finish. Our commitment is to work alongside them and to make that customer successful with that system.

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