You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, or use a bicycle to pull your implements.

But, are you using the right equipment to irrigate your fields?

Center pivots and lateral-move systems are often great for traditional fields, but when you really need to make the most of every inch of land, such as with high-value crops on a large or irregular field, a pivoting lateral could be the right equipment for you.

Get cost-effective, maximum coverage with the highly-efficient Zimmatic 9520 Pivoting Lateral!

The Zimmatic Pivoting Lateral combines center pivot and lateral movement, allowing growers to maximize irrigated land with just the right equipment for the job.

Featuring GPS guidance and Zimmatic’s exclusive optical barrier system, the pivoting lateral allows easy, customized control and flexible programming. You decide when it should pivot, and when it should move laterally down the field, giving you more powerful programming options than ever.

When you cover more ground with a pivoting lateral system, you spend less on maintenance… and, shorter spans and fewer towers require lower water pressure, helping you save energy.

Maximize your irrigated land with reliable adaptability. Every field is different, so get the irrigation system that adjusts to your needs – the Zimmatic 9520 Pivoting Lateral.

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