A Job WELL Done!

Here is a fun scenario (based on true events):

You wake up from a restful sleep, ready to tackle the day. You have 15 acres of vegetables to plant, and they are not going to plant themselves.

You arrive at the site, only to see that your land is …flooded. “Seems about right,” you nod to yourself. “It IS 2020 after all.”

Fortunately, you have a second parcel of land! Unfortunately, the land hasn’t been farmed in 30 years and your water source, a well from 1982, is 100’ lower than the land and 500′ away.

You check the well log. It produces 30 gpm. You need 90.

You nod. Seems about right.

You do not let that stop you, however, because you see the glass as “half full”. And you know which company can fill it to the top.

You call Southern Irrigation. *cue superhero music*

old well

1982 well

Our customer, Marc Shane from Horstings Farm Market, contacted us with this very problem and our well drillers tested the well a few days later. We confirmed that the well was able to produce 90 gpm and we got straight to work.

The next day we honed the inside of the casing with well driller’s foam and a compressor, installed a 90 gpm 7.5 hp submersible pump, had the electrical done, and were ready for hookup by the end of the day.

honing well with foam and compressor

Foam and compressor

Ready for hook-up.

Our customer started irrigating their crops the same evening, and planted the following day.

A big thank-you to our employee, Rod, for mobilizing our well installer’s, the crane operator, the electrician, all the materials and having this all taken care of a week after the customer contacted us. With teammates like ours, we can confidently say, “Seems about right!”

row crops mulch drip irrigation

Written by Breanna Berends.

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