PIVOT IRRIGATION PROJECT FOSSEN AIR LTD. BAR 7 RANCH Bar 7 Ranch, recipient of BC's 2022 Environmental Stewardship Award, has worked with Southern Irrigation to upgrade their yields and save labour with Lindsay Zimmatic Pivots. Transcript “My name is Doug Fossen, and our ranch name is Fossen Bar 7 Ranch. We’ve ranched here in Rock creek with my wife, three girls, and my mom and dad. We have a cattle [...]

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Zimmatic Pivoting Lateral Video

ZIMMATIC PIVOTING LATERAL VIDEO THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Transcript You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, or use a bicycle to pull your implements. But, are you using the right equipment to irrigate your fields? Center pivots and lateral-move systems are often great for traditional fields, but when you really need to make the most of every inch of land, such as with high-value crops on a large or irregular [...]

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FieldNET Advisor Video

FIELDNET ADVISOR: REMOTE IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT FieldNET® by Lindsay is the industry's first fully integrated wireless and mobile solution to manage irrigation systems, providing automatic control of water and chemigation application to employ best management practices. Transcript As a grower, you need more control over your water, fertilizer and chemigation throughout the entire crop lifecycle. You need to know what’s going on with your irrigation operation at all times. You need [...]

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