How to Build a Feedlot Water Management System

Raising Beef The life of a beef cow is usually split into two stages: cow-calf operation and feedlots. During cow-calf operation, cows are bred to give birth to calves. The calves are born around 60-100 lbs and will nurse off of their mother for the next 6 to 8 months. Eventually, the calf will start to graze alongside its mother until it is weaned from milk entirely. At this point, the life of [...]

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Expanding to Serve our Customers in Northern Alberta Southern Irrigation believes that our customers deserve to do business with a company that will supply them with quality products, high inventory, expert advice, and excellent customer service. We put this statement to action in early 2019 when we established our third location in Red Deer, Alberta. Our branch in Lethbridge had grown rapidly, and it was becoming difficult to give our customers [...]

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