Your Time is Valuable

Your time is not free, and we want to respect the time we have with you. For this reason, Southern Irrigation has made it their mission to spend time actively training employees in professional assistance and product knowledge. The goal is to create an environment filled with top-quality service and intelligent solutions.

This is to benefit you, our customer, so that solutions to your questions or requests are found efficiently, effectively and professionally. We look to offer great service so that you are getting the right products and information for your job.

Teaching Intelligent Water Solutions

As a collective group, the executive employees at Southern Irrigation have over 200 years of irrigation experience. They share this wealth of knowledge with the rest of the team through hands-on installation training, tailored irrigation courses, and constant emails with valuable tips and tricks.

For example, this week Marc Jongerden, who has 20 years of experience, took the Lethbridge sales team for a field trip to learn about residential sprinkler install. Though they already had a finalized plan, Marc taught the team the entire design process from scratch – walking them through the necessary considerations when designing a successful residential irrigation system. This training gave them practical insight into what our contractors do and see, what issues they possibly have to deal with, and how to serve them better.

For this project, they used Hunter Pro-Spray bodies with 1000/2000 MP-rotators, hunter swing joints, PE poly, a hunter controller and an assortment of barb fittings. They laid out the system and began to install it using a vibratory plow for minimal disruption of the lawn. Then they installed all the valves and valve boxes, sprinklers and swing joints. After installation, the system was flushed with water to remove debris, and the MP rotator heads were installed and set for the correct distance and direction. The whole team took part in all aspects of this training from start to finish, with the sprinklers fully operational in the end.

Teaching Professionalism

Southern Irrigation encourages and enables its employees to pursue knowledge and take courses that will allow them to excel in the workplace. One example is the Dale Carnegie course. Southern Irrigation offers a fully paid Dale-Carnegie course every year to interested employees. This well-known course teaches how to clearly and confidently communicate to better connect with our customers.

Your Response

This strong emphasis on education aims to provide service that isn’t just “good” but service that stands out for being excellent. According to some recent customer reviews on Google – our efforts are resonating with customers.

“Carter is the best sales guy in the house. Always takes care of everything I need. He goes above and beyond for the customer.”

“Huge shout out to Hannah! She spent over an hour with us, getting bits and pieces put together for our fire suppression system. She was so patient and knowledgeable and was able to get EVERY component right. We brought our system back to our property, and everything worked perfectly. I shouldn’t be surprised by how good she was. Thank you so much!”

“Great service! Very friendly and helpful. They spent time with me to figure out a solution to what I wanted to do and suggested alternatives as well.”

We want to thank our customers for these kind words, and we promise to continue to work hard to provide you with excellent service.

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